Tuesday, June 21, 2011


we've been busy!
My three little monkeys are keeping me very, very, very busy. In a nutshell since summer began (memorial day weekend) we dropped our little ones at my parents house and took off to Black Mountain for our 10th annual Clemson college friends reunion. This year there were 9 couples that came (sans children - which would have been around 37 kids). It was a very fun and encouraging time for Wes and I. We love our college friends so much. They are all believers and they are all funny. Truly, truly great.
We were home 1 day and then took off to the beach with some dear friends from Florence - the Severance family. Our children played very well together and the parents laughed and encouraged one another. It was a lot of work as family vacations are, but very very fun - the dad took the older kids crabbing one morning and they came back with crab and flounder, which of course we cooked and ate. We went on bike rides, played games, and talked, and laughed.
We were home a few days then took off to Florence for a long weekend (sans kids) to love on Melissa and Tyler for their wedding. Wes and I got to stay with the Marchettes our on their farm with our dear friends, the Finleys (long time friends from Clemson). Such a treat to spend time with so many dear people that weekend. We worked our tails off and had a wonderful time! Wes also helped officiate the ceremony and I was very proud of my man. I was so encouraged hearing him share the Word of God.
We drove back late Saturday night and were home one day before VBS at our church began.
I was able to be a really fun role this year. I had a blast teaching songs, movements, bible verses and bible points to the kids. My own 2 boys were so fun learning the moves with me - Wyatt came up one day and helped me with one of the songs. Walker preferred to stay in the pew, which was completely fine. We all had a blast at VBS and were very encouraged, and very tired afterwards.
We were home for 2 days and Wes left us to lead a mission trip (in Charlotte). He and the youth are staying at our church each night and serving in various organizations and ministries each day. They have FULL schedule and my hubs was tired when I spoke with him but he is having a wonderful time serving together alongside of some awesome students and leaders. They began their first night making 800 sandwhiches. I am still wrapping my head around that.
The kids and I are here in Charlotte this week while Wes is "away" and we are leaving to go to Greenville tomorrow to celebrate my mom and her life. She is having a birthday this week and I feel honored to get to be with her on her special day. I love you, mom. Happy early Birthday!

So that is a bit of what has been up with us. It will slow down next week and I look forward to posting some catch up material. :)

Wink. Wink.