Sunday, November 30, 2008


I've had conversations with my girlfriends about teaching our children Grace. My friend Liz even shared a time where she extended grace to Carson instead of punishment (of which I've adopted a time or two). Another friend, Courtney and I've discussed this - and pondered together over what this might look like in our homes.


As God's providence would have it.
I had no idea what kind of living, breathing example I would have to experience grace in my home...

Walker was going to be baptized in our church (will discuss my love for this practice in another blog.)

A loving friend, Margaret Lynn, allowed me to borrow a beautiful christening gown. I did not have one of my own for my kids so I thankfully accepted the temporary gift. The gown is beautiful, made so delicately and has had the tradition of being worn in a baptism by each of her four children, as well as cousins in the family. The slip even has each of their initials stitched in the side.

The gown hung on the canopy of my bed two days before Walker was to be baptized. Long story short. In a burst of energy, left unmonitored in our room, Wyatt ripped it from one beautiful sleeve to the other.

After he was punished, we had a L-O-N-G conversation with him about the value of the gown, the devastating consequences that his poor choice had had on this gown. "It wasn't ours!" I tried to convey to him. He seemed to get it. And he understood that he would have to explain to Mrs. Margaret Lynn what had happened to her beloved gown.

I, too, knew that I would have to have a conversation with her. It would be painful. I had no idea what I would say. Needless to say, I weeped as I told her of what we did to her gown.

"It's a piece of cloth," she lovingly said to me. followed by the gracious words of our Savior, which were:
"Store up your treasures in heaven where moths and rust do not destroy."

"Well," I proceeded to tell her. "This is how we're going to make it right," I listed several things I was going to do which included having it repaired (by a professional) and purchase a new one for her.

"Absolutely not," she said.
I begged her to let me buy her a new one.
"You can't replace it," she said. "It costs hundreds of dollars."
"I won't take a new one from you," she said.

"Well...will you please forgive us," I sheepishly asked her.
"There's nothing to forgive, Sage," Margaret Lynn said.
But that was not enough for me. I had such a hard time believing this was worthy of forgiveness.
"Will you just say the words to me," I begged her with tears in my eyes.

She smiled and then said very lovingly,
"I Forgive You, Sage."

Later that week I explained to Wyatt that we needed to return the christening gown to the store.
"The one that I tore?" Wyatt carefully asked me.
"Actually, no, honey. It's the new one I tried to replace. But Margaret Lynn will not accept it. She has forgiven us. And given us...grace."
"Just like God?" Wyatt asked.


"Yes, Wyatt. Just like God."

My Three Year Old Sunshine

Wyatt is now three years old. I am soo blessed to have him in my life. The Lord has truly shown me glimpses of HIM in having my Wyatt. He is a joy.

We had a very small party for him - focused on small, togetherness and the things that make him happy.
It was special.
It was small.
We had a very special time celebrating...him.

Wyatt's cake - "a cowa-pittar"
price: powdered sugar,
yellow cake mix
oh and some baking.

Wyatt's gift - knight costume from Target
price: $11

Effect on Wyatt: A brave, noble, confident little knight
price: Priceless

And since...The knowledge of the full armor of God...
price: eternal...
Happy Birthday my darling.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Exciting News

we just found out today that Wyatt will play the part of toddler Jesus in our church's Living Nativity. So fun.

Last year his pal, Ethan played the part and did a fantastic job receiving the gifts from the Wise Men. Wyatt was so proud of his buddy and excitedly watched him as an awe-inspired two year old.
Ethan and Wyatt last year
This year, he gets to take on the honor of playing our young Savior. There will be live animals behind and around he, Mary and Joseph. Distraction for sure. He LOVES animals and might just blurt out "A CAMEL!" - the thought, I'm afraid is a likely reality.

Oh and we did a little mock rehearsal today - I instructed him very thoroughly in telling him to "stand there" as I knelt down presenting gifts to him. He even took it a step further held his arms out wide. Very sweet.

Only thing is.
Shortly after he kept saying "I am going to be a camel!"

This could be (will be) very interesting...but nonetheless, what a sweet and rich taste of Jesus this Christmas!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Let Them Fail.

I desperately desire for my children to make the wisest, best and right choices. I'm coming to terms with the fact that I can't make their choices for them. And that is difficult. Perhaps the most difficult part of motherhood for me, next to the decision I can't make for them to ultimately choose Jesus over everything else in this world. Again, I'm coming to accept that I can't make this decision for them.

I recently discovered that one of the best things for my child is for him to fail. I know. It hurts me even to write it. But truly, I tasted this in its bittermost form.

I was talking with a sweet lady from my church, Miss Wanda. Wyatt knows her well. She and I were talking and my Wyatt develops this intense frown and then just throws his arm back and hits her. I was beyond mortified. How do I explain this? Where did this come from? Where is the nearest rock for me to crawl under? So, I very unpreparedly handled this by demanding that he apologize to Miss Wanda, which he did. We talked about it later and he was punished for it. As if that weren't enough, later that week, again at church, it happened two other times to two other ladies I was speaking with. Both of which he was punished for.

About three months went by and then one morning at breakfast Wyatt asked me, "Mommy, do you remember when I hit Miss Wanda?" - "Yes," I replied and then we had a conversation about it - reminded him that if it happened again there would be a consequence and reminded him that it was unkind of him, etc. I also asked him some questions about why he did it for which the answers were somewhat vague.

Recently Miss Wanda came up to me and shared a neat story with me. Wyatt sought her out at church one morning (I was nowhere around) and this is what he said to her.
Wyatt -"Miss Wanda do you remember when I hit you."
Wanda - "Yes, Wyatt. I remember."
Wyatt - "I'm sorry. That was not kind."

I'm so thankful for the Lord and His commitment to my children. His ability to speak to their hearts is far beyond my own. He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that I ask. (Eph 3:18).

I know that this is one of the many times that
I will patiently(prayerfully) watch,
let go
and allow my child to fail...
stumble his way to the cross...
...the same way that I did.
"I have called you by name. You are mine." - Isaiah 43

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm A Big Boy Now!

Walker has been sitting in a high chair for "mealtime" now for the about a month. These are the first moments of he in his highchair. Brings back so many memories - as I took many a picture of my Wyatt in this highchair. I look forward to all the special times ahead in this chair. Its nice when they are contained and you can see all their expressions and interact with them in a way that you can't when they're mobile on the floor.

AND Walker is now eating some food. This is oatmeal - which he enjoys. He also eats green beans, squash, carrots, peas and sweet potatoes. Yay - veggies. Let's keep it going, Walker. I'm so proud of my little man. He's doing so good!
Still working on the sleep!