Wednesday, July 28, 2010


On my way home today, I saw one of these driving around:
I was shocked by how tiny it was.
I mean, my car (Honda CRV) could easily squish this thing.
And I was contemplating how unsafe this vehicle is.
It probably measures comparably to an oversized motorcycle.

Soon after, moments later I saw this driving around...

You can't imagine how tiny this car is.
It can't be much bigger than our stroller, honest.
It is tiny.
And driving on a MAJOR road, as a legitimate vehicle.
While I'm sure its fantastic on gas (or perhaps its electric.)
Either way, saving on those things is not worth the outcome of wrecking one time in this car.

Smart is not the word I'd used to describe this.

38 Weeks

this pic was taken when I was 30 weeks.
The most updated prego pic I have.
This is our friend, Taiter in Florence.

I am now 38 weeks.
A multitude of emotions come to mind when I think of that.
I am in the most unusual circumstances at the moment.
Wes is out of town, on a mission trip.
My mom has both of my boys in Greenville. She always knows what I need.
And I needed rest, greatly!
I have enjoyed a quiet apartment.
Packing, uninterrupted.
Preparing for Lalla's "corner" in our room.
Have even gotten to listen to several great sermons.
It's been nice to spend some time any way I choose.
I had no idea how my family being away would affect my desires for the timing of Lalla's birth.
Everything in me is saying "Not this week!"
When I have a contraction, I am hopeful it doesn't progress to anything more intense.
Though some have, I am hopeful she doesn't come this week.
I am confident Wes could get here, mom could get here and my children would be cared for during the birth, but it would be nice to not have to factor in those sort of complications.
But we shall see.
The Lord is sovereign.
It is His timing alone.
What can I really do about it?
And I do have comfort in knowing that.

On another note. I have missed
the pitter patter of little feet
little boy laughter at 6:30am (can't believe I'm even saying that!)
Walker, my shadow in the kitchen
Wyatt, my thinker, always sharing his insights with me
Hearing the snap of Trios as they build things together
Their sword fighting
Hearing "Walker, do this!"
Hearing "No, Wyatt!"
Tucking them in.
Kissing their sweet faces.

And I have missed:
My amazing husband
His breakfast meals
His comforting voice and words
His morning devotions at our breakfast table
His wonderful company
His wrestling with our boys.
Our family swims.
His insights throughout the day
Oh I love him so.

So, I am hopeful that the Lord will provide a birth for Lalla next week.
But we shall see.
I know it will be His good and perfect plan, whenever it is.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Does anything say summer fun for a boy more than playing in the mud? It is not often when it happens and I'm not ever in charge when it does. But when these little boys are with their daddy, they are sure to have some sort of boyish adventure.

This was in Florence back in June. We were staying with our friends, the Emerts. And there had just been a big storm that left puddles of curiosity and adventure.

The men were outside. The women were inside. The boys went outside and began their adventure in their nice clothes. My boys' daddy encouraged them to go out and see what they could find.

Jude Emert (17 mo) had never experienced this kind of wet, dirty fun.
He loved it.
My boys shirts came off.

The dogs even participated in the search for critters.
Yep. I said critters.
Critters. Frogs, lizards, any kind of life they could find living in these puddles.

Olivia came out to see.
But really didn't see what the fun was.
Courtney and I completely understood her confusion.
She shared a few courtesy smiles. And laughs.

They found frogs.
Wes found 1 for Wyatt. And 1 for Walker.
Even Jude wanted to hold them.

Olivia did not.
The mommies did not.

But the smiles that this kind of fun produced in my boys was well worth the muddy mess.
I really value my husband's view of experience, adventure and the way he urges them to seek this kind of fun (that somehow clicks and makes sense to them).
I even appreciate that it doesn't make sense to me.
Because that is how the Lord created us differently.
And it's beautiful.

"He created them male and female and He blessed them."
Genesis 5:2

Friday, July 23, 2010


We have a lot going on in our household these days. :)
We are very thankful for where the Lord has us and is taking us. It does come with much activity. And that includes, packing! As we are headed out of our current apartment and into a 3 bedroom townhouse, a huge answer to prayer among several from an earlier post. Lalla will have her own room :). The Lord provided the right place in His timing. He also provided Wes with the part time position at church AND the previa issue has been resolved. There is no longer a complication associated with this pregnancy and a C-section is no longer warranted and Lalla is free to come when the Lord instructs.

So in between packing, I've been napping. However, this has become tricky lately. Walker is now in a big boy bed (!) and is doing well (minus a few discipline moments). He's made it 5 nights and 5 naps so far. I've been intentional about him sleeping in his bed for naptime (and not switching him back to the pack-n-play in my room, what he has done since we've moved here) so that he will be well-transitioned to his new bed by the time we are in our next place (Aug. 13). Lalla should be here by then and that is transition enough for all of us. So while Walker is napping in he and Wyatt's room, Wyatt is now spending room time in the living room. Where I used to nap. Each day he's been on his sleeping bag, listened to Narnia cd (and while I have no problem napping) he just hasn't been able to. At first, this was okay but the more my body needed a nap, it did not remain okay.

So today, I declared that he would nap.
And he did.
And Brighty did, too. :)

We're all tired.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Seventh Activity

Wooly Sheep

A very cute activity.
In the ziplock bag there was/were:
1 toilet paper roll (wasn't hard to find another one around the house for Walker)
2 sets of black eyes (felt circles)
pipe cleaner (for rams)
paper towels (for head)
Q-tips for legs

**only thing is that my boys wanted to make them cannons instead of sheep. The toilet paper tube was much more exciting to them as a cannon. And the cotton balls, the bombs.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


It's been a while since we've had a family pic.
And my camera showed up after being MIA for over 3 months.
This was Easter Sunday.

I remember having our picture taken on Easter 2 years ago when Walker was a big bump in my belly very near to his arrival.

Fun to see that "bump" now a little (big) boy on my hip. :)

(probably our last pic as a family of 4 until our baby Lalla arrives)

Time for a Bed...

I wasn't prepared for how sad I would be for this.
I wasn't really sad with Wyatt transitioning (and that may have been because I knew the paci transition was going to be much more difficult at that time). But Walker, really, other than his crib (and diapers) doesn't have any other big boy transitions ahead (I say that loosely).

This little guy is just a delight. I really do enjoy him so much. He is so willing and flexible for whatever is next. He requires little "preparation" in order for big things to happen. He just goes with it, usually with a smile and a sweet little face. Ahhh. My baby is growing up.

For his first few nights, (and last nights in our apartment) we decided to put his mattress on the floor in order to prevent as much injury (and transition drama) as possible. This little guy will have several transitions ahead - a new place to live (will update more on that in another post), a baby sister, and one day...potty training.

He's done great.
He's slept in his new bed 2 nights and 2 naps.

We're proud of our Walker.
(wipe tear)

Pilgrim's Progress (for kids)

This is a wonderful book and I highly recommend it. We've read through it twice. And Wyatt is fascinated with it. It truly is the gospel for young ears. I had never read the (big) book before. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing Wyatt's response to reading it.

**Also, has the book put to a series of videos (about 15 min each).
Wyatt has seen those as well and really enjoys them.

He has really enjoyed them and is developing more of an understanding of the gospel.

This became more evident to me when we had this conversation earlier today:

Wyatt: (with his head down, walking, sadly) Mommy, look at me, I'm Christian (character's name in the book).

Me: Well, why are you sad?

Wyatt: I have a burden (the character, Christian carries a big burden on his back throughout the beginning of the story).

Me: Who can take that burden away?

Wyatt: The cross.

Me: Wyatt, that is correct.

Wyatt: That's where Christian went. When he went to the cross, his burden was taken away and he didn't carry it anymore.

"Praise be to the Lord, God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens."
Psalm 68:19

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sixth Activity

Straw-Blown Paint Creatures

This is my favorite so far! And the boys, too. Actually I saved this one for only Wyatt. My mom has Walker for a few days to provide some special one-on-one with him before baby girl comes - and likewise, Wes and I with Wyatt.

So the three of us actually did this activity together - Wes, Wyatt and I.
We all enjoyed it.

The ziplock bag came with:
2 plastic containers of paint (blue, red)
a straw (cut in half)
card stock paper

The instructions mentioned to add water to the paint first. I learned the hard way. The paint is too thick to move by air through a straw unless it has been watered down.

1. Put a few blobs of watered-down paint on the paper
2. Blow air through the straw
3. Add eyes

Wyatt made a fox and a monster.
Wes and I made monsters.

Really, really fun. :)