Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One Year

What a difference 1 year can make.
We are thankful (me especially) to be here and not a year behind.
We have our daughter.
We have journeyed through another year of seminary.

I can't believe how much difference a year can make. I am thankful to have a one-year-old Lalla. She is sweet, smart, a good eater, loves her brothers, and they love her. She says "Da da, uh-oh, na na (mama) and duh! She's a wonderful sleeper.
We love our Lalla!

this is an excerpt from my journal (a year and 2 days ago - 8/8/10)

"I honestly thought I'd be in labor by now or even have a baby! Wes and I spent the entire night in the hospital only to be sent home. How disappointed I am. I mean really so. I don't even feel many non-painful contractions at the moment. Mom came all the way here, Mary came over - both of which lost a good bit's sleep. And here I sit - labor - LESS. I am so confused - having had many painful contractions work towards...nothing. Ugh. I feel foolish - unaware of what my body is doing and over anxious. Even more so, as if I've inconvenienced everyone! Lord, I'm asking boldly for You to bring labor - real labor - upon my body today! And that this baby would be delivered today!

The Lord brought Lalla into our lives 2 days later.
On her due date.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Here We Are...

Life has been so busy. Its been a really fun summer and there have been lots of things for our family to do - which has been such a gift from the Lord. I thank God for that, too. Again and again. He has provided this unique season in the middle of Wes and my life together - for him to be full time seminary student and devote himself to his studies - and yet provides a summer where the demands of his 2 jobs don't hold him down all summer - we got to travel! With both of our families and it was truly a gift.

That being said, Wes is devoted to a 3 week intensive course - Greek 1. He has been doing well - I'm very proud of him for his hard work and devotion, though I miss him. Its given me time to visualize a little more what our homeschooling days will look like. We've done a little learning time and a lot of play time during the day.

I do look forward to the hope of routine once the fall months arrive - and am trying not to waste away this time of flexibility with my children.

The good news, and the best news is that while I've been neglecting things like this blog, and been busy with my family, I've begun really reading my bible (like I did in college). Where I have t.i.m.e. studying the word. And journaling. I had met with my prayer triad and we asked questions about our bible reading - I left convicted and really determined to change my bible intake. Wanting it better, deeper. So I set out to have 2 really good times like this during the week. Where I get about an hour of prayer, reading God's word, taking notes and journalling. I'm thankful for that. He has provided the time. And the benefit of studying His word.

I'm also happy to report that I'm memorized more of Ephesians (with my friend, Lia). We've completely Eph 4, Eph 5, Eph 6 and we've begun Eph 1. So we're up to having memorized 97 verses. This is an absolute huge accomplishment for me. I never thought I could do it - and I'm encouraged that the Lord has provided this old brain the valuable words of His truth. And they are hidden there and in my heart.

So while I've been gone completely from this world - The Lord has enriched me through His word and through His promises (though days are hard and challenges remain).
He is good.
And always will be.