Friday, July 25, 2008

Motherhood is Messy

I have been pondering this thought for some time now...which is precisely why I am nursing while typing this...

- and it hits me

- when we're in Chick-Fil-A, nursing again and my Wyatt is getting down from his chair, instead of eating the last chicken nugget of which I told him "he must eat if he would like to play on the playground", fully taking advantage of my inability to physically sit him down.

and then it hits me again when we're at the pool, and my Wyatt has something brown running down his leg, yes, the liquid form of #2,the Big D, a swim diaper, and i have no other spare diapers, only the one he is in and no change of clothes.

i think this wonderful thought again when my little Walker is crying, hungry, needing some attention from mommy and my Wyatt is throwing himself on the floor, crying because I mention the word bedtime.

this thought occurs to me again when I dare venture out for an errand and dressed in mismatched clothes, unshowered and splashed with spit up, I run into a friend who is fully dressed in the latest trends and I'm asked the loaded question of "how are you?"

Again, I think this thought when I am trying to hurry out the door of Mothers Morning Out with Wyatt (because I've left my infant in the air-conditioned car, running) and people are speaking to him, saying hello and he decides to NOT say hello, NOT be kind, NOT look at them.

Motherhood is SOOOOO messy. literally. I am covered in some sort of body fluid on a regular basis, I might shower every other day, my children might get a bath once a week, our car is messy, our floors are messy, and even the guidelines of discipline are MESSY.


My savior loves my messy children.

and my Savior loves messy me.

(by the way, I was just lovingly spat up upon by my Walker)

thank you Lord for these messy days. Thank you that I can rest in mess.

"He is before all things. And in Him all things hold together." - Colossians 1:17

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Walker Reeves

Walker (to walk)
Reeves (servant)

at 10 weeks, its too early to see if his name fits his personality- BUT - I will tell you all the things that my Walker is to me:
He is sunshine, full of smiles and coos, oh his sweet language - I just LOVE to hear him talk. He has a sweet temperment - his arms and legs move quickly when you talk closely to his face - his hair is soft, his skin is even softer, his arms and legs have countless creases, his eyes are aware of every ceiling fan in the room, he is strong, he loves his paci and thumb and he has captured my heart, oh how i love this little one.

I took this picture on July 3 - and he rolled over a few days later...9 times.

Wyatt Richard

Wyatt (Warrior)
Richard (Brave Power)

At 2.5, Wyatt lives up to his name
He is wild, creative, imaginative, laughter, animal-LOVER, compassionate, opinionated, understanding, tempermental, independent, adores his father, loves his mommy, is sweet to his brother, great buds with the dog, caregiver to MANY animals, a sweetheart.

this picture was taken at the PF Changs at Myrtle Beach. He was excited to have his picture taken in front of the biggest horse (to date) that he's ever seen.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ted the Turtle

On our way back from the beach yesterday Wes spotted a turtle trying to cross Old River Road. We made a U-turn and he picked him up, brought him home, named him Ted and provided a home for him in Wyatt's pool.

Wyatt sang him a lullaby last night. He played with him every chance he had today...

... and then we released him back into the wild.

good-bye Ted the Turtle.
Farewell old pal.

What fun little boys can be.