Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fifth Activity

Buttons on a String

In this ziplock bag, there were three long colorful strings (red, yellow and purple)

There were also a variety of large, colorful multi-shaped buttons. About 20 total.

The instructions read, place all of the buttons in the middle 0f the table. There were several ways that it listed to have the child "group" the buttons.

I had Wyatt pick all the red ones out.
Walker the purple ones.
And so on, until each color had a pile.

Then we put them back and I had Walker place all the triangles in a pile.
Wyatt - the circles.
Walker the squares, and so forth.

Then after we sorted them several times in different ways each child placed the string through the buttons and made a necklace.

It was fun.
And not messy, always a bonus.
And Walker got to practice some fine motor skills (which we never do)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Throwing Rocks

Wyatt, Walker and their daddy had all been on an adventure walk around the lake when Wes sent Wyatt into time out. He had been warned not to throw any more rocks (as innocent ducks were close by and Wes foresaw what would inevitably happen to those ducks). Wyatt came over and sat by me and this was our conversation:

Wyatt: Mommy, I'm in time out for throwing rocks.

Me: Wyatt, why are you continually disobeying?

Wyatt: Mommy, I just LOVE doing my thing!

Me: And what exactly is your thing?

Wyatt: I just really love throwing rocks.

The Wind

So one day I was pushing Wyatt on the swing and this is how our conversation went:

Me: I am really hot out here. We are going to need to leave soon. I can't take this heat!

Wyatt: (swinging) I'm not hot. I feel the wind.

Me: I don't feel any wind at all. I am really hot!

Wyatt: Well the wind must love me more than you.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fourth Activity

I loved the simplicity of this one.

This ziplock bag came with:
2 pieces of sidewalk chalk.
4 pieces of dark construction paper (brown and black).
Stickers (of stars).

The boys both ended up drawing outer space type pictures - with planets, stars, etc.

So fun.
So simple.

Pregnancy Update

I am now 33 weeks. It's hard to believe that our little girl will be here in 7 weeks.

Many of you know that I've had a minor complication in this pregnancy called placenta previa. What that means is that the placenta is essentially "too low" or close to my cervix. There are variations of severity with this complication and mine is the least severe (praise the Lord!).

Our OB has prepared us for a C-section (which will be my first and I'm okay with that). Although at 37 weeks she will check again via u/s to see if the placenta has moved to a safer position. If it has, she will give us the choice to deliver vaginally.

If it has not moved and is in the same place, we will plan a C-section date at that appt. (not for that date, but that is when we will plan the date to have the C-section, probably the 1st week in August.)

Our baby girl, Lalla (pronounced Lah-la) is due August 10. Our lease in our current apartment ends on August 17. We would love to be living in a 3 bedroom apartment by then, for Lalla and for my sake. However, we are not sure how the timeframe will work out. We would love your prayers as you think of us in this. It can get tricky with when a 3 bedroom apt will be available, when I may have a C-section, or go into labor and then our lease expiring. We trust that the Lord faithfully goes before us (Col 1:17) and that He will provide all of our needs (Phil 4:19) in His good and perfecting timing.

Sometimes, as we get closer, I forget those important promises. So I'd love for your prayers for my heart as we continue on the next 7 weeks. To prepare well for this little girl. Whatever that looks like.

Thank you for praying.

The picture above is sadly the only pregnancy pic we've taken! It was around 30 weeks and I'm with a sweet friend from Florence, Emily Jackson.

Third Activity

The Hungry Caterpillar

With this little ziplock bag came some management on my part.
It was fun. But there being enough cut out circles for 1 caterpillar I had to be strategic in how both boys played a part in building this little creature.

So with this bag came about 5-6 cut out construction circles. Also with it were colorful fuzzy balls for decorating or even creating a whole new caterpillar. We used them to decorate our construction caterpillar with polka-dots.

Each boy had several turns to glue.
Each had several turns to glue on a polka-dot. (though our glue didn't stick too well - it would probably require a stronger glue)
Also with the bag came several different adhesive eyes.
And some pipe cleaner for legs and antennas.
We glued it all on and had our little caterpillar.

Another success.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Second Activity

Marshmallow Shapes

So today, there was great anticipation and excitement for "Activity Time"!
Again, I was impressed and shocked at how clever and inexpensive these fun activities are!

Today our ziplock bag had a handful of toothpicks and marshmallows.
The object of the activity was to form shapes, letters and anything creative out of toothpicks and marshmallows.

Wyatt made a square, triangle, pentagon, letter "L", letter "E", etc.
Walker made a triangle and pentagon (with my help)

They most loved that they could eat the marshmallows when we were finished.

Not Messy.
Not a video.

That's a success for this mommy. :)

First Activity

In an earlier post, I made reference to an activity box we will be pursuing this summer during our lengthy, hot days. 16 other moms and I put our activities in zip lock bags complete with all instructions and materials. Now I have 17 activities for the summer.

We began Activity #1 yesterday.

Counting Animals

It was so simple, so fun and inexpensive.
In the ziplock bag were 15 small plastic animals and 5 yellow cards, each with a number stamped on it (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5)
I put the animals in the middle of the table and gave each boy a card with a number. They then had to count/place the number of animals to match the number on the card.

Both boys enjoyed it so much.
Walker needed my help but still really enjoyed the activity.
We played many many times.

**And for more of a challenge for Wyatt, I flipped the cards over and wrote higher numbers on the back of the lower number cards (6, 7, 8, 9, and 10)

Love. Vacation.

We are back from vacation. :(
It was sooooooo good.

We kicked off our vacation with Memorial Day Weekend at my buddy Liz's family's lake cottage. We were there with 6 other couples from Clemson - there were several family's unable to come this year and we missed them deeply. It was so fun to getaway sans kids and play on the lake, for days. We laughed so much. And encouraged one another. Just really good times. Here are some pics from that fun time.

Then Wes and I went straight to Folly Beach to meet my parents and sister's family and our boys at a great house with a great setup. So. Much. Fun.

Our boys played out on the beach every day with their cousin Anna Grace and Nana and Big Pop. I got to sit and enjoy them, enjoying the beach. Wes and Thomas were busy doing beachy, kiddo, fun stuff. Sand castles, kite-flying, finding wildlife, raft rides in those awesome waves.

My highlights would include Wes teaching Wyatt how to surf, a monumental moment for me as a mommy. My Wyatt has a tendency to not pursue something that might bring defeat. While the waves knocked him off many times, he eagerly popped up from under the water, laughing and declaring "I'm fine! Let's do it again!"
And for my Walker, playing in the sand/water with his Big Pop. He became attached to Big Pop (and it might honestly be the same the other way around) as he and Big Pop would fill up their buckets and dump them, and applaud. Walker loved the attention he was given from my dad. Wes and I rarely sit down and copy each move he makes, repetitively. And this, my dad did, for hours. And it connected their hearts in a sweet and special way.

I love that beach. It is so relaxing. I love watching my family take in the sunshine and the natural fun. My dad also caught a shark one night fishing with Wes! We kept it for a few days to show the kids and then fed it to the crabs. Oh I just love the beach.

I'm thankful for my parents and their generosity in hosting and providing such a gift.
So. Much. Fun.