Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pumpkin Faces

something new.

something fun.

involved the whole family.

i think we'll do it again.

Time for a Pumpkin

so after being homebound (due to sickness) for a week, we decided to go to the Farmer's Market and get a pumpkin. Wyatt even decided to dress himself - and splash in a puddle before we got into the car - Walker enjoyed watching his big brother find the right pumpkin - Wes took lots of pictures - and I just embraced getting OUT.
We were literally the LAST customers. There was one stand opened. And even they were packing up their register. Very patiently and generously, they watched us look through (frantically) all the pumpkins. The nice "farmer" asked Wyatt if he'd be willing to trade him (the farmer) his baby brother for a pumpkin.
Wyatt kindly responded: "yes"
All in all, we came home with 4 pumpkins.
1 for Daddy
1 for Mommy
1 for Wyatt
1 for Walker
They have now taken up residence on our front porch.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Walker, Oh How I Enjoy You...

your kisses...

your smiles...

your cuddles...

and your snuggles...

A Walk in the Yard

Wyatt and "Flyer Man" (Buzz Lightyear)

Walking on the Wall

"Hey Mommy, Look at This!"

Chalking on the sidewalk.

Rory's Wedding

My cousin, Rory Bigger recently got married. So we all went up to Pittsburgh, PA and joined the family for all the wedding festivities. It was really fun - we all got hotel rooms next to each other - a rental car - airplane trips - fast walks through the airport - the whole travel deal (can you tell I don't get to do this often - and I LOVE it)

Walker went with us and really enjoyed himself - except at night, when he forgot to sleep!

The night before the wedding - Wes stayed back in our room with Wyatt to help get that much needed sleep.

And Walker had a new bath experience!

The girls and Dad and Thomas all went over to my aunts for refreshments.

Kayne and Thomas - the picture that made it to Kayne's blog!

At the wedding - I think my Dad is so handsome! Mom - looks beautiful - she just doesn't know how much the camera loves her!

Dad - doing the Y-M-C-A

A nice little cupcake from the "wedding cupcake cascade"

My husband looking spiffy!

Kayne and I and the groom, our cousin, Rory.

Dad's family - Daniel, Aunt Liz, Dad, Kayne, Sage, Uncle Stewart, Uncle Joel, Aunt Sarah, Rory and Kevin.

What a great time it was, as always to get together with the Bigger family. They are a truly wonderful bunch. Oh how I look forward to time again with them.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


A few weeks ago, we went out to eat at Margaritaville in Myrtle Beach. For those of you who have been there, you understand what I mean when I call it entertainment?!?

waiting to be seated (around 4:30pm - in order to miss the three-hour wait)

still waiting. Margaritaville has a sandbox. For families to occupy their time...while they wait.

on a side note. I believe my hubby is most attractive when he's playing with our children. I just love to see him in their world, on their level, in everyway.

kids get coloring books. crayons. masks. instruments. building blocks. super heroes. toy animals. (okay, so some of those are not real)

you child will be entertained. this is what mine did.

there are people on stilts walking around. making balloon objects by request. Here Wyatt is making his request.
"a sword, please."

and there it is...

however. it popped. and the sound scared him.
so the stilt lady made another.
and it popped.

But it was a great night.
It's an experience for sure.
I love how my family responds in these scenerios.
But still, a memory...and lots of fun.

Monday, September 22, 2008


from this...

to this...

we've made progress.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Was Mistaken...

After a recent discussion about lunches for our kids, I found that I had been very much mistaken. Do you ever have these moments where you go, "where have I been?"

I said that Wyatt eats ALOT of P,B&J. She - Cayce - questioned me on this - "He doesn't make a mess?" - "No, not really," i replied.


Then I'm going through my pics in search for a completely different post topic and then I find this picture of my child...

notice, his shirt is even off.
Sorry, Case, I was VERY mistaken about this topic.
Where have I been?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some Fun Things He's Said Lately...

After many 'unshowered' days, I walked into the kitchen, showered, little make-up and even...some pearls.

And this is what my Wyatt said to me: "Mommy, you look like a princess."
My heart would melt, if it could. Ahhhhh.

Wyatt and I were talking about Anna Grace. The details of the conversation are somewhat vague but I remember the gyst was about WHO created her -

And this is what he said:
"God gave Anna Grace beautiful curls."

He was playing with his manger scene people (okay, so he plays with them year round) and I noticed that all folk (wise men, shepherd, angel, mary and animals) were all semi-circled around Joseph.

And so I asked Wyatt what was going on.

And this is what he said:
"He is telling them about Jesus. How he died on the cross...and then He walked out of the tomb...He's alive!"


"And now they need to dance."

I've begun to talk to Wyatt about sin. Try as I may to point him to the cross and most of these discussions, which result in his disobedience, I am pretty unsure how much he is understanding. But I just speak from (my heart hopefully and even more hopefully, lead by the Spirit) - and I was so caught off guard when this is what he said.

"we were driving home one night. Wyatt mentioned that he shared with a friend of his. We showed our excitement that he shared and he said. "if I didn't share with him. that would be sin." Wow. it's neat to see the work of the Holy Spirit take my simple efforts and create understanding in my child's heart. This really encouraged me to continue on...in this journey...trying to teach and instill God's word and truth. Thank you Lord for this encouragement.

Wes has been reading "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" with Wyatt at night. Each chapter Wyatt has been asking for the Lion. So FINALLY, when Aslan is introduced, Wes gave Wyatt a Lion - roaring to represent Aslan.

This is how the conversation went down.

Wes: "this is Aslan."
Wyatt: "wow."
Wes: "is He dangerous?"
Wyatt: (in awe) "oh YES."
Wes: But is He good?
Wyatt: (almost whispered) "yes."

And this is also the gift that C.S. Lewis gave us in providing holy insight through this fictional...historical...literature...

...and even more so, THIS is the gift I have in being a mom. All the days I wonder "how am I going to make it?" and tire so easily of this incredible task...As I reflect on each of these precious moments, I truly breathe in deep and rest in these moments...of not just progress...but... reward.