Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Birthday Babies

Lalla, 3 weeks; T, 1 week
Hard to believe these babies are 1 year old.

T and Lalla

Our mom hosted a family birthday party for these little ones - She was delighted to hold such a special event in her home and she prepared in such tangible and loving ways...
she made Lalla and T their own birthday placemat and
she sewed them each their own bib.

T and Lalla are hilarious together. They touch each other and test each other - taking toys from one another, pulling on one another, all the while staring.

I had the job of making the cakes. Which I was delighted to do.
A blue polka dot one for T-man

and a pink one for Lalla girl

all the grandparents came which I thought was really special.
To have Thomas' parents, my parents and Wes' parents all in the same room together. It was a picture of God's grace to me in many ways. The three couples had no idea when they married many years ago what the Lord would provide and allow...
Mom also made birthday hats for each birthday baby.

All the grandchildren were delighted to celebrate such a wonderful day - it was such a fun day. I loved each minute of it.
Dad and Mom even had special drinks for Kayne and I. She and I both love glass-bottled Mexican coke. And they had tub of ice with many of these chilling in the middle.
Such a special day.
Thank you mom and dad for your love for Kayne and I - you love us so well. Thank you to the grandparents who travelled to be with these children on such a special day.
We love you deeply.

"So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."
1 Corinthians 10:31


We have 14 successful kindergarten days behind us.
Homeschooling for me has been different that I expected or suspected.
Both in regards to Wyatt and me.
He has responded differently.
And I have too.
All of that to say, I am really enjoying it.
And Wyatt really is, too.

Our first unit was on the sun.
Wyatt (and Walker) painted suns, made sun badges, learned a lot about the letter "S", did a blind-fold experiment from a wonderful curriculum called "My Father's World" - it came highly recommended by my Clemson friends and I am so thankful they shared their love for it with me. I am absolutely loving it. LOVING it!

We made a sun dial...
did you know that the shadow of the stick/pencil matches the time of day it is? (i didn't!)
the boys and I came outside each hour between 10 and 2 and traced the lines of the shadow and saw how it matched the time on the clock. Amazing.

Then. we made raisins!
from grapes. The grapes have been drying for 5 days and are just now beginning to be crinkley and brown. I overheard Wyatt tell a friend today:
"Did you know that just like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly a grape can turn into a raisin?"

So we're doing this fun curriculum - Wyatt and I are in a new place in our relationship - he truly loves learning and enjoys me teaching him. We did not get that much this summer (time for me to stop and give him some time to teach him something) and our relationship was distant. This has been a neat answer to my feeling so distant from him over the summer. He told his daddy that his favorite subject is Math. That was a shocker! I love our Math, too - also highly recommended from my Clemson friends - Math U See Primer. It has blocks that they count with and Walker truly covets the blocks. He can't wait for the day he gets to "play" with them.

Walker will be in preschool 3 days a week beginning next week but I've enjoyed his being a part of "kindergarten". He told someone the other day "I just help out with kindergarten". Wyatt told him one day
"Walker, you are the biggest preschooler I know.
You are doing kindergarten stuff." A few minutes later Walker said.
"Yeah, Wyatt. And did you know that I can kill bears now, too?"
Wyatt concluded the conversation by adding:
"Yeah. And did you know that I can kill a lion with my bare hands?"
I've enjoyed learning new things about Wyatt. Things I never knew about him. Like the way he learns. He is a rule follower. I taught him how to count the blocks on day 1 in Math - and he's not deviated from it since. I've enjoyed seeing Wyatt enjoy learning and being a good student. I've enjoyed Walker's eagerness to be a part of whatever Wyatt is learning/doing. I've loved Lalla being a part, too. Though that is the trickiest - she's been a part of some days. And it's actually gone well.

I know there will be hard days.
But I am so thankful for a very good beginning.

"All things are of Him and through Him and to Him.
To Him be glory forever.
Romans 11:36