Monday, March 22, 2010

Funny Conversations with Wyatt:

One afternoon:
Wyatt: Mommy and Daddy, do you want to see the picture of the wolf?

Us: Yes

Wyatt: (poses on his knees with his head looking straight up, mouth open)

Us: Now what was that again?

Wyatt: Now do you want to see the video?

Us: Sure

Wyatt: poses on his knees, with his head looking straight up, mouth open saying 'ooouuuuwww' (aka howling)

Us: oh. clever.

Earlier today:
Wyatt: (decked out in pirate attire) Mommy, will you put this on me? (it was a hankerchief to be tied around his head)

Me: Sure

Wyatt: (while I'm tying the hanky) Arrrrrr!

Me: Ahhhh! That scares me.

Wyatt: (louder) ARRRRR!

Me: Are you a mean pirate?

Wyatt: Nah. Pirates just say 'arrrr'

Wyatt: (seconds later, whispering) And they don't brush their teeth.

Pulling into Panera Bread Co Parking Lot:
Wyatt: Is this the bread competition?

In the Grocery Store:
Wyatt: Mommy, look it's a bird!

Me: A real bird?

Wyatt: YES! It's another miracle!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Baby Girl

On Monday Wes and I heard the words:
"You're having a princess."

I could not have been more stunned.
Well okay, Wes was more stunned.
But really, I was so caught off guard.

My pregnancy with our little girl has been SO SIMILAR to my pregnancies with my 2 boys. I've been sick with all of them around the same amount of time.
Wyatt: 16 weeks
Walker: 20 weeks
Baby Girl: 18 weeks (got sick last week)

I've had low iron with all of them.
Very distinct cravings.
Same amount of tugging/pulling.
Same amount of fatigue.
The list goes on and on.

I was quite surprised. And underneath my surprise, delighted.

I have longed to have a little girl always.
I have longed to have a relationship with her as an adult and for the way that a relationship with a girl and her mama carries on when it changes drastically with a boy. I fully expect my 2 boys (and hopefully we will raise them in such a way) that they will leave and cleave to their wives. Not so much forsaking me. But where they will need Wes as men, they won't need me. This very subject has literally made me cry. Just thinking of my boys not needing their mama.

My daughter, however, hopefully will be my most precious friend. And hopefully I will be a big encouragement and source of wisdom to her. I will get to walk through her journey as a bride and as a mama to be.

I truly am thankful for this gift of a girl. I am thankful that the Lord has entrusted a sweet feminine life to Wes and I.

Wyatt's top pick for her name:

What he's most looking forward to:
"fighting like a knight for our little princess"

What I'm looking forward to:
The Estrogen growing in our home.
(Though not quite equal to the level of Testosterone.
side note - my vote for a female dog next is not as necessary anymore)

Strangest Craving I've had with her:
white cheddar popcorn AND strawberry mentos

Sweet things:
I've enjoyed watching Walker and Wyatt speak to her (through my belly) almost every day.
Walker usually says something like: Bebe! iun junlk luh bank! Bebe!
Wyatt usually asks me if she is laughing when he "tickles" her. And will usually say "hey baby" in a very sweet voice.

She is due August 10 :)