Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Festival

RTS had a fall festival last night! Its first ever Fall Festival!!
My friend, Jenni (a female student along with her husband Andy) pulled the whole event off - she is a natural party planner - she delegated it well into several committees all of whom are friends as well - and they did a fantastic job with RTS's first ever Fall Festival. The young married couples and single folks really served the families in allowing us to fully engage and enjoy our kids with the games and activities.
It was so much fun.

Walker - pilot; Lalla - ballerina; Wyatt - Spider Man

**on a funny note. Recently we were in the car and Walker mentioned super heroes. Wyatt came back with an interesting comment...this is how the conversation went down.

Wyatt: you know, there is one problem with super heroes
Walker: what?
Wyatt: they don't pay attention to their jobs.
Walker: huh?
Wyatt: Peter Parker is supposed to be working for Mr. Jameson and instead he's out goofing off defeating the bad guys.

the night of the Fall Festival, he did not mention anything about missing work, he was all about defeating the bad guys. :)

Monday, October 17, 2011


We found out some wonderful news this past week. With having found out recently that we will be having another baby in the Spring, knowing Wes graduates in May, etc we had begun praying about our future, specifically Wes' job in a church.

Our elders interviewed Wes last Monday night. They interviewed me as well. It was a unique experience in that I've never been included in a job interview for Wes in the past. They asked some really wonderful questions. My favorite was when they asked how I best saw myself supporting Wes in his role. I shared with them that my vision of supporting Wes was largely taking care of our home and our children. I elaborated on this a bit and they loved and affirmed me for this answer - which gave me great hope and assurance in our call to this wonderful church. They asked some other wonderful questions.

So later that night after Wes and I left - our elders voted and unanimously they voted in favor of hiring Wes for the position of Assistant Minister of Youth and Families. Our pastor, Tom and Associate Pastor, Dave came over to our house after the meeting that night (10:45) and excitedly offered Wes the position.

We are delighted to accept this position and consider it a humble privilege to remain with this church body we have grown to love deeply. We are so thankful for the Lord's gracious and gentle timing - that He has brought forth this blessing, early.

His position will begin June 1, 2012.

"He is before all things and in Him all things hold together." Col 1:17

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Adding On...

I just realized how long it has been.
We've been busy and I've not been feeling well.
That is due to the fact that we are going to be adding to our family.
We will have another Andrews baby in our home April 21(stsh)

We are delighted.
Shocked at the Lord's timing.
But thankful for His good and perfect ways.

We will find out the gender in early December.
For those of you who have had babies, you know the survival mode?
That's my way of living.
I am trying to do more than necessary but my energy is low and my tummy is sick.
So I know that there is grace for this season and there is good in the rest and the stillness that comes with abruptly moving at a slower pace.
I don't want to miss out on these gifts. I will miss them when I get my energy back and (hopefully) begin feeling better. I will miss the naps in the afternoon.

I have really experienced the depth of God's grace in tangible ways.
While I've not had much motivation to clean my house or clean up after a meal, I've had motivation to continue kindergarten at our same pace. I am so thankful for this. Wyatt and I are still really enjoying pretty much all things about homeschooling.

Wes is very busy with his midterm studies and papers. We are in the full swing of the Fall. We are so excited about the Tigers. They have been such fun to watch (except the first half last night). Walker really loves his preschool. Lalla is still crawling and sucking her thumb a lot - still not walking... but I'm in no hurry.

Overall we're well.
And tired.
And living by His grace.
And trying to rest.
ps - I know the pic is cheesy.