Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Festival

RTS had a fall festival last night! Its first ever Fall Festival!!
My friend, Jenni (a female student along with her husband Andy) pulled the whole event off - she is a natural party planner - she delegated it well into several committees all of whom are friends as well - and they did a fantastic job with RTS's first ever Fall Festival. The young married couples and single folks really served the families in allowing us to fully engage and enjoy our kids with the games and activities.
It was so much fun.

Walker - pilot; Lalla - ballerina; Wyatt - Spider Man

**on a funny note. Recently we were in the car and Walker mentioned super heroes. Wyatt came back with an interesting comment...this is how the conversation went down.

Wyatt: you know, there is one problem with super heroes
Walker: what?
Wyatt: they don't pay attention to their jobs.
Walker: huh?
Wyatt: Peter Parker is supposed to be working for Mr. Jameson and instead he's out goofing off defeating the bad guys.

the night of the Fall Festival, he did not mention anything about missing work, he was all about defeating the bad guys. :)

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