Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Cards

I love receiving Christmas cards. We have begun streaming a ribbon around our large entry way and clipping the cards to the ribbon - we see them at each meal and the children will share stories about their experiences with the other children and adults in the pictures.

One thing a good friend shared with me - as she takes each card down after the season - is the pray for the family before putting the card away. I love that. We did that last year and it connected us with the many families that adorn our dining room. :)

But I must say.

This year, there was one card that I kept pondering all Christmas season long. I could not stop thinking of it. I even cried about it a few times.

It was a beautiful hand painted card. 2 beautiful ornaments. I have no idea how long my friend took to paint these two beautiful water color ornaments. Then she adhered it to this folded card. As the card is opened - a very simple statement reads:

"God and sinners reconciled!"
Merry Christmas!

Still, I am left pondering the magnitude of this promise and truth that I have in Jesus. That babe born 2,000 years ago in a manger. Born to two lowly people. Whom kings sought after for months in order to go and worship Him and bring Him gifts proclaiming His sovereign, ordained God-given roles - to be our King, to be our Priest and to be our Savior.

This babe - this past Christmas -
brought forth a man,
God in flesh,
to reconcile me,
a sinner
to a Holy God.

I can't help but cry.

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