Thursday, March 24, 2011

This and That

I feel like life has been really busy lately.
I have enjoyed it (which is a praise to the LORD!) but it's been so busy I've had to be very intentional about certain things, like this.

I feel like I discover over and over again how wonderful babies are.
And girls. I have been given such a gift in this little Lalla.
My heart is so grateful for her.
She continues to grow.
She's eating 2 solids each day.
Her schedule is also very predictable.
And yet, she's pretty go-with-the-flow.

The boys in her life - their lives have been enriched...
and sweetened.
her father, among them all, being the most effected by her sweetness.
Amazing how a tiny little girl can soften a man's man :)

we are sure that her thumb has won the contest over her paci.
We offered her paci to her each and every sleep-time...

and yet, her thumb was just too delicious...

yep. sleeping is a good test of which route they will prefer - paci is clearly right there, and yet she chooses - her thumb.

Wyatt had a friend from school come over recently - Lachlan - who is so much fun.
Precious and sweet.

And Lachlan, really took an interest into Lalla.
And enjoyed making her smile and playing with her.
And Lalla welcomed the attention :)

Walker had a friend over, as well -
Anderson. Who discovered he enjoyed playing the guitar. And Walker, enjoyed singing. They played band most of their time together. :)

We had our Supper Club - Irish theme - and all the guests wore green.
(Tyler, Adam and Wes. not pictured - Jordan)

It was alot of fun. I was pretty gitty -
and so, I therefore, enjoyed saying Irish phrases, as often as I could, in an Irish accent.
(me, Lindsay, Carrie, Evyn)

The boys enjoyed eating green cupcakes on St. Patrick's Day.

And Lalla discovered that she likes to take some rest from jumping in the Johnny Jump-Up.
And lay her head back.

Overall, its been busy.
But really good.
I'm thankful for seasons like this - where they are full - because people are in our lives. We are becoming more and more a part of this Charlotte community. And that feels terrific. We are getting to know wonderful people more and more and our lives are deeply enriched because of them.
I am thankful for the Lord's provision in friendship(s).
He is good.
And He has been so good in our friendships past and present.
He, Himself is also present within them.
I'm thankful for His design in friendship, relationships.
I truly love people.
And I truly love my Lord.

Sitting Up

her back muscles are becoming stronger each day...

she can sit up for a few seconds at a time...

she's working hard and pleased with her progress...

uh oh. Falling. But she caught herself!
Fast thinking, sweetie pie!

Back to tummy time.
(aka Safety)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Several Things

I am looking forward to having some time with my man and our daughter for a few days. My parents are going to keep our bigs (Wyatt and and Walker) for the weekend.
Special time is an understatement.
Our boys ADORE their grandparents (both Wes' and my parents)
And they truly enjoy time with them.
I remember my friend Rachel telling me before I had kids that her kids visiting their grandparents was better than the circus.
I think of that often, when I see the light in their face as I announce that they get to see either set of grandparents.

One of the reasons, my parents are keeping them for me is because Wes and I are hosting supper club. We've made the theme - Irish.
I am looking forward to making the meat dish (a fun pork/cranberry recipe that a friend gave me)
Each couple signed up to bring an Irish side
One, a salad
And one, a dessert

I think it will be a lot of fun - complete with a Riverdance jam. (kidding, ofcourse)

Walker has become our resident encourager.
As Wyatt emptied his backpack after school today, he took out some artwork and Walker said to him, "Wyatt, I love your dinosaur!" That's really nice!"

One last thing-
At bedtime as I leaned in to kiss Wyatt tonight, he whispered to me,
"Mommy, I'm glad you will be teaching me kindergarten."

My heart smiled.
And I may have shed a tear.
Or two.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Potty training is going well for Walker.
Working intentionally on #2. In the potty.

Wyatt and Walker are reaching new levels of friendship in their brotherhood.
Which is both tender and fun.
(not to imply that they don't have their fighting moments)

Lalla's cheeks are growing. :)

Walker expresses sadness, when Lalla does...

Lalla is growing in interest towards her brothers.

Olivia holding Lalla (when they visited recently)
A pro baby-holder.
Having lots of practice with her little brothers :)

Walker has declared a new coping mechanism when he has a boo-boo.
To lay his head on a pillow and crawl under a blanket.
It's working very well for all of us.

Lalla is settling into 2 solid naps during the day. :)

And my buffet has become the "weapons post" upon where the boys place them before coming to the table for a meal.