Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Wes found a real pumpkin patch!
It is in North Charlotte, about 30 minutes from our place.

They had pumpkins on a vine.
Wagons for toting pumpkins.
Horse rides.
Baby goats and baby pigs.
Hay rides.

Wyatt and Walker ran the entire time.
They were/are still wiped out.
This was how the last portion of our time there went...

Toting our pumpkin...and two sweet boys to the car.
Oh. Wyatt hand-picked our pumpkin:)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Swiss Family Bliss

Tonight is family movie night.
computer screen style.
(and pancake dinner night - which I might be even more excited about)
I waited until the last day to get our movie.
(chosen by Wes)
Swiss Family Robinson
until I realized, it's rather hard to come by?

I checked the library first. nope.
(only 1 out of 26 locations in Charlotte has it, with 3 requests on it)
Then Blockbuster - nope
Then Walmart - nope only online (I need it tonight!)
Then Target - nope only online (I need it tonight -Wyatt is really excited!)

Then my friend Evyn (who showed her 4-year-old, Walker, the movie a few weeks ago) told me they got it at Barnes and Noble, really close to our apartment.

So I was able to reserve it online.
When the boys get up, I'll drive on over there and get it

Pheww. That was close.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


I wasn't sure how this transition going to be for Wyatt and Walker. In addition to moving into a smaller space, a new city, etc. there were transitions the boys were going to have to endure. And me, being their mom, I was going to have to face the way(s) they would deal with the changes.

for one: they now share a room.
We dealt with many uneventful "naps" in the beginning. Where they'd laugh/giggle/make a mess of the room for 3 hours instead of sleeping. We learned the rules that we needed to establish, and the grace that we needed to give in order to make this good and fun. (they giggle for 30 minutes each night - and we're (i'm) now okay with that. they also nap in two different rooms.)
two: we no longer have a TV.
We will get one, at some point. But that was a transition I hadn't even really thought about. How much I loved having that wonderful box to entertain my kids when I showered, needed "my moment", prepared dinner, proved to be highly underrated. At first, it was very hard. I almost pulled my hair out a few times. And Wyatt asked ALL the time for videos.
But...eventually...they learned to entertain themselves and live life without it. And they've done well without it. And its much less of a problem than I had thought it would be.

three: they no longer have Mothers Morning Out 3 days a week from 9-12.
This was by far, my hardest of their transitions. It was hard on Wyatt, too. He was very bored in the beginning. And I didn't know much of anything for us to do. But we've learned where parks are, the library has designated "times" for Wyatt and Walker, I've joined a bible study where they play with other kids, and the biggest - they + me get to spend LOTS of quality (and not so quality some days) time together. We've also incorporated some bible time, learning time, room time and all that good stuff to make more of a structured schedule.
four: they have had to grow closer.
This was even hard and still is sometimes. Wyatt had his friends in Florence and didn't really "need" or even desire much time with his brother. But in Charlotte, Walker has been here for him in a way that is indescribable. He is his best bud - there with him - all the time - even while he sleeps. This transition has produced a sweet and brotherly love between them. I have had the pleasure of seeing it grow into a friendship. I just had no idea it would be this transition and these circumstances to produce the sweet fruit of brotherly love.

"He is before all things. And in Him all things hold together."
Colossians 1:17


What's in a name?
The meaning of Wyatt and Walkers' full names has both, provided insight and proven true for personality traits they each possess.

Wyatt (warrior)
Richard (brave)

Walker (to tread)
Reeves (servant)

I could go on and on about how this is true for Wyatt (brave, warrior) but I'm just going to post pictures instead.
I think these pictures show a glimpse of his heart
to protect,
to be brave,
to fight for what is right.
He earnestly desires to achieve these things. He assures me daily he will protect me.
Here are some pics of my brave warrior.
With Walker, I feel I need to provide some convincing evidence for this.
Yes, he treads.
He is a "walker" as of the last 2 months.
So yes, he walks/treads through and through.
He walks from here to there with a sweet smile.
My prayer would be that he treads right up to the cross at a young age:)

His middle names is Reeves (named after a very significant friend to Wes, Matt Reeves)
Reeves means servant.
I have seen glimpses of a servant in Walker.
He is 17 months old and has this ability to "see" what needs to be done... it.
Here are a few examples of my sweet treading, servant.

*When its time to go, he gets his shoes and brings them to me.
* I dropped some grapes on the kitchen floor and he picked up almost every one and brought each one to me. Even the one behind his little table, he squeezed himself back there to pick it up and give it to me.
*He hands each dish/utensil to me when I'm unloading the dishwasher.
*Wyatt spilled some water on the coffee table and Walker went into his bathroom, grabbed the hand towel and came out and wiped it up!
*He cleans up his toys happily and initiatively.
*Wyatt now feeds Brighton - Walker helps him by going and getting Brighty's bowl and bringing it to Wyatt. (never asked to do this)

(i would like to add that I've never asked him to do any of this)

And unfortunately I don't have any pics of him doing these things, because typically I am "doing" these things, too. But have some pics of sweet him.