Sunday, May 6, 2012

Baby Waylon

We've been blessed to add to our home Waylon Rex. He was 7 lb 14 oz and he came very fast (for my labors). Nothing about his labor was similar to my other children except for Lalla - in that it was unpredictable. But enough about that - we are happy he his here.

And so I began a phrase that I whole-heartedly believe when Lalla was born and I began to realize some more things about being a mommy. And that phrase has proven true once again with Waylon:
"the more children I have, the more humbled I am." I truly am more and more aware of my undeserving-ness of the gift of each child- but even more so, my incredible sinfulness. My inability to be these precious children's mommy. I am aware all the more of my infirmities and my weaknesses. I am aware of my physical limitations and even more so, my inability to nurture their hearts in the way they need.

And so, the gospel applies to me. In my needyness. In my weakness. In my inabilities. And I am so thankful that Jesus died for me, died for my sin today. Not only yesterday's but todays. I am thankful for this little soul entrusted to Wes and I. 

I pray that we offer him daily right back to the Lord - and that he grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus. He is truly precious. I am fully aware of his preciousness. 

God bless you baby boy. I love you deeply. I know that my sin will disappoint and hurt you - and I pray that I am humble enough to ask for your forgiveness and point you in the direction of a Savior whom I need just as much as you do. You are precious to me, daddy and to your brothers and sister.

We are thankful God gave us YOU. May you know from life's first cry that you are loved deeply by us yes, but even more so, by a loving Father who gave you His Son. He bled and He died for your sin. May your destiny be ever sealed in His redemption, in His eternal dwelling place through faith by His Holy Spirit. 
You are a treasure, dear one.
I love you very much, Waylon, 
sweet child of mine.


Crystal said...

sage - i just love to hear the ways that you articulate god's grace...always such an encouragement to my heart. thank you! can't wait to talk to you and meet waylon sometime soon. love you!

Crystal said...

sage - i just left a comment and it got deleted, so i will try again...but you may get both...who knows :) i just love to hear the way that you articulate god's grace...always such an encouragement to my heart...thank you! can't wait to catch up soon and meet waylon! love you! crystal

rita and andy said...

Sage you constantly amaze me...So thankful to have a beautiful, Godly mother in my life! Your children are blessed to have you and Wes as parents! I am blessed to be considered a friend! :0) Thankful for sweet Waylon, can't wait to meet him! Much love friend!